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Rent Fair Equipment

You can have the products you need for your organizations by renting or selling. All equipment and equipment required for a fair are provided by Festi Event. The products required for your organizations such as Fairs, Seminars, Launches, Concerts and similar large masses are provided including installation and delivery.

We adopt an understanding that keeps the prestige of your brand at the highest level in the organizations you will attend or organize. Our professional team evaluates the needs list in the most efficient way and offers the most efficient solution in terms of aesthetic design and functionality. In addition to ready-made models, specially designed products, hardware and equipment are produced and given to your service in line with your request. Attracting attention in project areas is an important element. You can also benefit from our original ideas for designs that suit your brand’s corporate image.

Festi Event makes careful plans for many important issues such as the safety of your guests, visiting points, emergency measures. It provides all the physical materials required for your project and provides technical support for the installation. Festi Event expertise raises the corporate image of your company and pleases the participants and visitors.
Consult us before arranging a special fair organization for your company. Festi Event understands your needs and provides fair materials support with the most affordable price conditions.

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