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Festi Event, which has signed the biggest fair organizations of Europe, organizes the organizations that individuals and institutions want to organize, as well as its own festival brands, by planning from A to Z. With our 15 years of experience in fairs, it offers unique experiences for both visitors and service providers.

We Realize Your Organization Projects

We offer our fair organization experience to your service. We share with you the experiences we have gained in many organizations we have organized in Europe. Festi Event responds to all your needs for organization organization and fairground requirements. It provides all services from a single source, including Hardware, Equipment, Personnel and public figures.

We understand the aims of your projects and the values you want to achieve, and we talk about our experience to bring you results. Our team offers you the best offers for a unique and hassle-free organizational experience. For your organization requests, tell us about your project on the contact page and we will get back to you in a short time.

Sit Back, Enjoy Your Event

Festievent organizes all the requirements for the organization projects you want to organize in Europe. It provides solutions for legal framework, technical support, staff, artist and many more services.

Obtaining the legal permissions, the project of the event area, the conditions of participation and the organization of the companies are implemented by our professional team with a planned study.

Our services according to needs

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Festi Ramadan is visited by hundreds of thousands of guests every year in Ramadan.

Europe’s largest Ramadan Festival

Festi Event organizes the biggest Ramadan festival in Europe, which has become traditional. Our organization, which has been going on for 12 years, has been visited by millions of guests. In addition, thousands of services took place in our organization and offered service to our guests.

Festi Ramadan, our guests who want to experience the peaceful atmosphere of Ramadan Month in Europe, were welcomed with great interest. Our festival, which has gained a worldwide reputation, gives the message of peace and love and the beauty of being together to all societies.

“Festi Ramadan”, Europe’s biggest Ramadan event, has turned into a traditional festival that brings magical joy in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. As they say, ‘We are always saying that there are no old holidays, nor old Ramadans!’ Every year, Festi Ramazan, in order to spend a Ramadan with the taste of Ramadan, makes hundreds of thousands of our citizens in Europe experience these unforgettable moments of happiness.

In Festi Ramadan, which was organized for the first time in 2012 and visited by hundreds of thousands, you can taste all the colors, hopes and desires of Anatolia, and Ramadan is held in Europe with all its blessings every year.
We are proud and honored to realize thematic stands of our cultural heritage in all areas with concerts, seminars and colorful events with great enthusiasm and excitement. In the festival and fair area, where thousands of people can have fast-breaking meals at the same time, there is a tea garden, a mosque and an amusement park for children.

Bringing Anatolia to Europe, Festival Festihane

Longing for home is another in Europe. We are organizing a great festival to meet the longings of our citizens in Europe for the beauties of Anatolia. The first organization of the Festihane culture and food festival, which we plan to organize every year, starts on November 25/26/27.

In this magnificent 3-day festival, our guests will satisfy their longing for Anatolia with food, culture, art, entertainment and shopping opportunities.

Participants serving were carefully selected and invited. You will be satisfied with the food, shopping opportunities, cultural and local values ​​of each region.

To organize interviews and concerts with famous artists from Turkey and Europe at Festihane. All shows, concerts and talks are free. In order for our guests to have a pleasant time, the organization area has been chosen as closed considering the climatic conditions. It is planned to be held in the open air according to the changes to be made in the festival dates in the following years.

At Festihane, the food culture of Anatolia comes first among the subjects that we attach particular importance to. We are pleased to present the diversity unique to our regions to our valued visitors at Festihane.

Our customers, who will participate as vendors and service providers, are provided with stands by fulfilling the conditions of participation in accordance with the Festihane identity. Conditions that prioritize the safety of our guests are applied by all service providers.

Our Anatolia is full of riches. We invite companies and institutions that will represent this wealth in the best way to Festihane. To get a place in Festihane, you can send us information about your company from the transmission area.

Different Cultures, Different Tastes Festi ETNO

Traveling the world can be a dream of all of us, and it is sometimes difficult to realize it. We thought about how we could bring different cultures of the world together and we found Festi ETNO! We are happy to announce our brand new festival to you.

Festi ETNO, the international cultural festival open to every country in the world, where different cultures meet, will announce its first program in 2023. Our project, whose preparations continue, is quite colorful and full of exciting content.

You are invited to a quick world tour with Festi ETNO. Like you, we look forward to the completion of the 2023 program in order to get to know different cultures, taste their flavors and meet with art.


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  • Cultural Events
  • Artists from Different Countries
  • Services, Shopping
  • Activities for Children

You can contact us to take part in the Organization as a seller/service provider, to rent a booth or to rent advertising spaces. You can follow up-to-date information on our Festi Etno brand page.

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