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Since 2012 we're looking at countless festivals that have something in common: peace festivals. We differ in the event industry, especially in our appreciation of the colorful community. Our festivals are a special event for everyone, because our motto is: ``The more colourful, the better!``. Accordingly, we embrace all the colors and sounds of life.

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15 Years

Millions of Visitors

Anatolia in Europe

Our Festival, where you will feel every part of Anatolia closely, will meet you on November 2022, 25/26/27.

Dining, Entertainment, Talks, Concerts, Shopping and many other surprise events will provide great entertainment and unforgettable moments for everyone from 7 to 70.

How can I participate in the festival?


Get the most suitable solution for you by contacting our sales representative. Festievent meets all your needs from A to Z and makes you ready for sale in the festival area.


You can enjoy the unique taste of Festihane by visiting 6 BE-3600 GENK locations in Limburghal Genk Jaarbeurslaan between 11:00-23:00 on 25-26-27.11.22.

Festihane Festival Begins

The Longing for Anatolia Ends

We are opening to visit on November 2022, 25/26/27. You are invited to experience these unforgettable moments.


We offer many different options for renting exhibition equipment from A to Z. Tent and awning are among the most frequently requested products in many fairgrounds. FestiEvent offers tent rental service according to your needs. It gives you a hassle-free service experience with its installation and delivery options.

Booth rental, installation and design services are among the services we offer. You can custom produce the stand model you need, or you can best represent your company at the fairs by choosing standard existing models. You can get ready-made models by renting special design stand models through the sales channel.

We provide advertising products that you can use in the promotional activities of your stand or tent. We offer all the advertising publishing tools you need, including design, hardware and printing services. You can buy the products or choose the rental method if you wish.

We offer all the technological requirements you may need in marketing issues such as digital screens for your advertising and product promotions, pos preferences for sales and marketing, web technologies, mobile applications. We design the requested service according to your needs and deliver it to you. Festievent provides you with what you need in a timely and accurate manner.

Festi Event offers a to z support in special events for your company. It provides materials from design and management issues to physical structures. It organizes the fair organizations you want to organize on behalf of your company by preparing it perfectly. It makes careful plans on many important issues such as the safety of your guests, visiting points, emergency measures.

It provides all the physical materials required for fair organizations and provides technical support for the installation. Festi Event expertise raises the corporate image of your company and pleases the participants and visitors. Consult us before arranging a special fair organization for your company.

You can get information by calling us for fair materials.


“Festi Ramadan”, Europe’s biggest Ramadan event, has turned into a traditional festival that brings magical joy in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people. As they say, ‘There are no old holidays left, nor do we always say old Ramadans!’ To spend a Ramadan with the taste of Ramadan every year, Festi Ramazan gives this happiness unforgettable moments to hundreds of thousands of our citizens in Europe.

You can taste all the colors, hopes and desires of Anatolia in Festi Ramadan, which was organized for the first time in 2012 and visited by hundreds of thousands, and Ramadan is held in Europe with all its blessings every year.
We are proud and honored to realize thematic stands of our cultural heritage in all areas with concerts, seminars and colorful events with great enthusiasm and excitement. In the festival and fair area, where thousands of people can have fast-breaking meals at the same time, there is a tea garden, a mosque and an amusement park for children. You can get detailed information by visiting the official website of our festival.


Pre-reservation registrations for the 2023 Year Festi Ramadan festival have been opened. Contact us to take your place in Europe’s biggest Ramadan festival.

You can send all your questions, suggestions and requests as a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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