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Mission and Vision

Our Mission
In order to increase the quality of the fair organization sector and contribute to the development of the sector;

To explain to the society that fairs are not a luxury but a necessity,
To offer the fair organization services to the society at the highest level, in a widespread and integrated structure, in appropriate economic conditions, and to spread the awareness that the organization of the fairs is not the company that organizes the fairs, but the sector,
To support the development of new information and applications in every subject related to the sector by enabling academic studies and scientific research in the sector for which we organize the fair,

Our vision
To set a model in Europe with its level of excellence in fair services, its determination to create customer satisfaction, its highly qualified team, modern infrastructure and pioneering practices, and to be one of the fair organization companies that are referenced.

Festi Event’s vision includes providing services to the relevant sectors effectively, achieving excellence in fair services, revealing new projects and maintaining corporate development in order to create a modern infrastructure.

Our aim is to be able to sign pioneering practices in the exhibition sector. In this journey we embarked on in the fair sector, we will ensure fair participant satisfaction with our organization and administrative practices. On the other hand, we will not leave the values ​​that have brought us to this day in order to achieve the goals we have mentioned above.

The satisfaction of our participants, quality and continuous improvement, high performance, integrity, honesty and ethical approach, valuing employees, teamwork, solidarity and leadership will be our compass in our ongoing journey.

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